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From backwoods barbecues and community gatherings; Allen Stone emerges to share personal melodies, telling his tales of life after just 22 years. Getting his start singing at his father’s church in small-town America; it wasn’t until later when introduced to the greats of soul music (Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin) and then to the confessional lyrical fashion of the 60’s -70’s singer/ songwriters, did music begin to ignite intense passion, eventually carrying this boy to a musical home.

His debut album “Last To Speak” touches upon a range of styles and themes. Integrating classic soul, catchy pop hooks, r&b beats and folk roots with lyrical matters of testimonial broken relationships, poisonous politics and an intimate challenge to religion. Stone’s music is notable for his finely crafted evocative songs and a fresh, smooth, soul-filled voice-one that certainly belies his age.

In a generation of over saturation, it’s Allen Stone’s strong musical talents and honest messages of progression that shall keep this blue-eyed soul continuing to create what only comes best naturally.

Allen performed at Val’s in-home session with Andrew Belle in February.

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Allen Stone

Allen Stone

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Similar Vibe: Stevie Wonder
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  • Release Date: 10.4.11