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Song Title Val's Playlist Genre Tempo Length Hear Song
Baby's In Black ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:04 Hear Song
Back In the U.S.S.R. Honorably Mentioned; ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:42 Hear Song
Bad Boy ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:20 Hear Song
Because ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:45 Hear Song
Come Together ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 4:18 Hear Song
Dear Prudence ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:55 Hear Song
Flying ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:15 Hear Song
Get Back ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 3:07 Hear Song
Glass Onion ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:17 Hear Song
Hey Bulldog ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:11 Hear Song
Hey Jude ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 7:09 Hear Song
I Am the Walrus ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 4:35 Hear Song
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:34 Hear Song
I Saw Her Standing There ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:52 Hear Song
I'm a Loser ALL BEATLES 2; ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:30 Hear Song
I'm Down Change of Scenery 2:31 Hear Song
I'm So Tired A Banker & a Rock Star Rock 2:03 Hear Song
I've Just Seen a Face ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:05 Hear Song
If I Fell Gather 'Round Rock 2:19 Hear Song
Julia ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:54 Hear Song
Lady Madonna ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:17 Hear Song
Love Me Do ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:24 Hear Song
Magical Mystery Tour ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:49 Hear Song
Martha My Dear ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:28 Hear Song
Maxwell's Silver Hammer ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 3:27 Hear Song
Mean Mr. Mustard ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 1:06 Hear Song
Oh! Darling ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 3:27 Hear Song
Penny Lane ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:00 Hear Song
Polythene Pam ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 1:12 Hear Song
Revolution ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 3:24 Hear Song
Rocky Raccoon ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:33 Hear Song
Run For Your Life ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:19 Hear Song
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 1:58 Hear Song
She's a Woman Discovered.; ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 3:02 Hear Song
Something Weekend Chill; ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:02 Hear Song
Sun King ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:26 Hear Song
The End ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:21 Hear Song
The Fool On the Hill ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 2:59 Hear Song
The Word ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:43 Hear Song
This Boy ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:16 Hear Song
Twist and Shout ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:33 Hear Song
Wait ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:14 Hear Song
We Can Work It Out ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:15 Hear Song
What You're Doing ALL BEATLES 3 Rock 2:30 Hear Song
You Like Me Too Much ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:36 Hear Song
You Never Give Me Your Money ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 4:02 Hear Song
Your Mother Should Know MOTHER'S DAY; ALL BEATLES 1 Rock 2:28 Hear Song

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