Ben Harper



Featured Songs

Song Title Val's Playlist Genre Tempo Length Hear Song
Another Lonely Day Rock Slow 3:44 Hear Song
Beautiful Boy Rock Medium 3:48 Hear Song
Fight Outta You Rock Slow 4:10 Hear Song
Please Me Like You Want To Rock Slow 4:56 Hear Song
Walk Away Alternative Slow 3:49 Hear Song
Walk Away 3:49 Hear Song
With My Own Two Hands Jam Medium 4:36 Hear Song
With My Own Two Hands VAL'S VAULT 4 Pop 4:36 Hear Song

Featured Albums

Give Till It's Gone

Give Till It's Gone

  • Genre: Rock
  • Similar Vibe: Cat Stevens voice meets Springsteen or Jimi Hendrix energy
  • Valslist Favorite Tracks: 3, 6, 9
  • Release Date: 5.13.11