Eliot Sumner




Eliot Sumner, formally referred to as “Coco” is an English artist and the second youngest daughter of singer Sting. She began playing music at the age of 15 and in 2010 released her first album with her band I Blame Coco. In 2014 Eliot announced that she would be releasing music under her own name and released her EP Early Reflections SMPLR in August of 2015. The album reflects her new wave, indie rock, and reggae style that shows how she has truly come into her own voice and sound over the years.

Featured Songs

Song Title Val's Playlist Genre Tempo Length Hear Song
Dead Arms & Dead Legs STUDY BREAK 4:44 Hear Song
Let My Love Lie on Your Life BEST OF 2016 - Val's Picks; it's SPRING. take a BREAK.; RE-GROUP. AGAIN. 3:17 Hear Song