Maggie Rogers




Maggie Rogers in singer-songwriter and producer, using a combination of folk, dance and r&b to emotionally move her audience and produce a powerful and crowd-pleasing sound. Hailing from east Maryland, Maggie started playing the harp at age seven and by the time she reached middle school she was playing piano and guitar and writing songs. She attended a Berklee College of Music summer program, winning the program’s songwriting contest, catapulting her focus on songwriting as her time at the St. Andrew’s School in Delaware was coming to an end. She releases her first album, The Echo, in 2012, using the demo as part of her application to New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. While participating in a master class at New York University with Pharrell Williams, she visibly moved him with her song “Alaska” which she wrote in just 15 minutes about a hiking trip.