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Dear readers, 


If you've been a fan of Valslist, I want to thank you. I didn't make it to O on my own ~ you helped, by spreading the word.  Special thanks to Liz Logan.


If you're new to Valslist, WELCOME!  We're glad you're here and we can't wait to introduce you to some of the best new music. Today is the first day of your new music life. So we ask one thing of you:  JUST LISTEN.


To all of you who have written to me from the O article - I'm reading every email - and I love your comments and music suggestions. I created this website for you - intelligent adults who want good music in their lives, but have no time to find it. So while you're off doing what you do, we're doing what we do best ~ listening to new artists, hand picking the best new tracks, and creating a weekly playlist for easy download on iTunes. Sure, your 16 year old can download music for you, but Valslist knows what music you grew up on, and we find new artists who sound like that... is a boutique music site specifically created to help busy adults keep up with new music.  In a nutshell, we take the hassle out of the music search - by doing it for you. We introduce you to artists you might not find on your own. Valslist is a filter - sort of a music concierge - that curates and delivers to you the best of the new. 


A few tips on how to use our site and you'll be loading your (own) iPod in no time. 



  • This is not your kids' music. But they're going to ask where you got it. Just warning ya. ( bridges the gap - teens and twenty-somethings use our site.)
  • You must have an iTunes account to use  (we're an iTunes affiliate)
  • Our service is free. Valslist is linked to iTunes so when you buy a song you're actually buying it through iTunes.  Same price, same format. Only difference is, with Valslist you know WHAT to buy. 
  • We're boutique ~ a short list of music ~ not too much information.
  • We add new music weekly. If you subscribe to Val's blog you will receive an email from us every weekend including a new playlist, free download, and Val's artist picks of the week. Just a tiny bit of music news to talk about at the water cooler on Monday.
  • We have playlists of all types. Most are "go anywhere" mixes. We also have themed playlists for special occasions (dinner party, dance, chill, workout, cocktails, and everything in between.)
  • Our playlists are 15 tracks of new music. But tracks 5 & 10 are a vintage track - something familiar for your comfort zone. Younger users are discovering great artists from the past... (I have an obligation to my roots... :)
  • Our FAQ explains how to download a song, create a playlist of your own, burn a CD, sync your iPod, and more. Great for newcomers. 
  • When you download a song it goes into your "Purchased Music" file in iTunes.
  • Some fun things to do on our site:  Check out our VIDEO page (we pair an old and new artist with similar vibe.)  And our SOUNDS LIKE page (if you like this (vintage) artist, then check out this (new) artist who sounds like that.)


  • If you like what we do, tell a friend.  







*   *   *




on our Oprah playlist  "Songs of Summer"  (click to listen)





ZACH HECKENDORF        (on my Oprah playlist)

Album:  "The Cool Down

Similar vibe:  John Mayer / Dave Matthews

Zach Heckendorf live in eTown  -
Zach Heckendorf live in eTown - "One Of Them" ( eTown webisode 244)



back story:

A friend put Zach's demo CD on my doorstep 2 years ago. I listened and was entranced by his music. Next day we went to see the movie AvatarOn the ride back my husband kept saying, "that new CD you got - I think there's a song on there that literally could be the soundtrack for Avatar"  ...  So Valslist did a mashup (movie trailer to music) -  here it is:

Avatar Trailer Mash up Valslist
Avatar Trailer Mash up Valslist




ELECTRIC GUEST    (on my Oprah playlist)

L.A. pop band - great dance track

Album:  "Mondo"

Similar vibe:  Prince meets Michael Jackson


Electric Guest - This Head I Hold
Electric Guest - This Head I Hold





QUIET HOUNDS   (on my Oprah playlist)

Atlanta band - always with masks

New album:  "Megaphona"

Similar vibe:  Hall & Oates meets Billy Joel


Quiet_Hounds "I Get Up" - Take Away Show




ROSE COUSINS   (on my Oprah playlist)

Canadian folk-pop singer/songwriter 

Album: "We Have Made a Spark"

Similar Vibe: Carly Simon 


Rose Cousins -
Rose Cousins - "The Darkness" (Live at WFUV)



MILES TO DAYTON (on my Oprah playlist)

Album:  "Pass It On"

Similar vibe:  The Corrs meet Fleetwood Mac

Miles to Dayton
Miles to Dayton "Pass It On"




YUKON BLONDE    (on my Oprah playlist)

Canadian indie rock band

Album:  "Yukon Blonde

Similar vibe: Hall & Oates meets Crosby, Stills & Nash

Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows (Official Video)
Yukon Blonde - Wind Blows (Official Video)




SUZANNA LUBRANO  (on Oprah playlist)

Cape Verdean Zouk singer

Album: "The Best of Suzanna Lubrano"

Similar vibe: Diana Ross meets Rihanna


Suzanna Lubrano - Tudo Pa Bo  (improved upload)
Suzanna Lubrano - Tudo Pa Bo  





LISTEN to this week's playlist:  SONGS OF SUMMER



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