Playlist: INSTRUMENTAL :: No Words 7.1.09

NO WORDS. NO NEED. JUST LISTEN. Tyler Ramsey, Bruce Cockburn, The Doobie Brothers, Nomo, Natalie MacMaster, Willy Porter, Earth Wind & Fire, Lili Hayden feat. Itai Disraeli, Beyonce, Kaki King. JUST LISTEN.

Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 Beautiful Liar Beyonce Pop 3:19
2 Slat Key Soquel Rag The Doobie Brothers Rock 1:52
3 All the Stars Nomo Jazz 6:44
4 Hairball Willy Porter Rock 1:49
5 Drum Song Earth, Wind & Fire R&B/Soul 5:09
6 Place Between Places (feat. Itai Disraeli) Lili Haydn Alternative 3:56
7 Bari Improv Kaki King Soundtrack 1:35