Playlist: And Your Agenda Is? 10.29.10

EVERYONE HAS ONE. Brand new from Deerhunter, Clare Burson, Guster, Pete Yorn. Valslist favorites by The Dodos, Isaac Russell, Choir of Young Believers, Rogue Wave, Jackie Greene, Oscar D’Leon, Punch Brothers, Tired Pony. Vintage tracks by Pete Townshend, Faces, Joe Cocker. JUST LISTEN.

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Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 Coronado Deerhunter Alternative 3:19
2 Acorn Factory The Dodos Alternative 4:03
3 Everything's Gone Clare Burson Pop 4:42
4 Lost Kid The Apache Relay Indie Rock Medium 2:48
5 Save It for Later Pete Townshend Rock 4:58
6 Jealous Guy Joe Cocker Rock 4:06
7 Lighthouse Isaac Russell Alternative 2:52
8 She Walks Choir of Young Believers Singer/Songwriter 5:27
9 California Rogue Wave Alternative 4:06
10 Stay With Me Faces Rock 4:39
11 Hollywood Jackie Greene Rock 4:59
12 Lloraras Oscar D'León Salsa y Tropical 3:40
13 Sans Fear Pete Yorn Alternative 4:17
14 Sometimes Punch Brothers Singer/Songwriter 4:41
15 Point Me at Lost Lands Tired Pony Alternative 3:11