Playlist: VAL'S VAULT 4 10.15.14

OUR OLD TRACKS MIGHT BE NEW TO YOU. Val’s favorite tracks from the past few years – still sound good as new. Favorite artists: Counting Crows, Greg Laswell, Ray LaMontagne, Anders Parker, Lucid 3, Ryan Adams, Ben Harper, Suzanne Vega, Piers Faccini, Spoon, Gregory Douglass, CSNY, Sufjan Stevens, The Sea and Cake, Matthew Sweet. New playlists every Friday JUST LISTEN.

Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 High Life Counting Crows Rock 6:17
2 Sing, Theresa Says Greg Laswell Singer/Songwriter 3:59
3 You Can Bring Me Flowers Ray LaMontagne Rock 4:12
4 Circle Same Anders Parker Singer/Songwriter 5:03
5 A.M Radio Lucid 3 Blues 5:00
6 Two Ryan Adams Rock 2:38
7 With My Own Two Hands Ben Harper Pop 4:36
8 Frank & Ava Suzanne Vega Rock 2:38
9 Talk to Her PIERS FACCINI Rock 5:21
10 Everything Hits At Once Spoon Alternative 4:04
11 Who Knows Gregory Douglass Pop 3:18
12 Shadow Captain Crosby, Stills & Nash Rock 4:33
13 All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! or Forever Hold Your Peace! Sufjan Stevens Singer/Songwriter 4:33
14 Up On Crutches The Sea and Cake Alternative 3:36
15 Thought I Knew You Matthew Sweet Rock 2:58