Playlist: A Bit o' Brit 2.18.11

guest list by heyjoy. ENGLISH BEATPOP MUSIC WITH A TWISTGREAT PARTY FARE. New to Valslist: Metropolitan, The Eames Era, Snowden, French Kicks, The Wombats, The Jam, New Order, Empire of the Sun, Coltrane Motion. Faves: Locksley, The Kooks, White Rabbits, Tapes ’n Tapes, Company of Thieves, Oasis, The Soft Pack, Arcade Fire. New Playlists Every Friday JUST LISTEN.

Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 All Too Much Metropolitan Rock 3:32
2 All Over Again Locksley Rock 3:22
3 See the Sun The Kooks Alternative 3:36
4 Could Be Anything The Eames Era Rock 3:45
5 Percussion Gun White Rabbits Alternative 3:08
6 Just Drums Tapes 'n Tapes Alternative 3:44
7 Anti-Anti Snowden Alternative 3:55
8 So Far We Are French Kicks Pop 3:44
9 Oscar Wilde Company of Thieves Alternative 4:42
10 Live Forever Oasis Alternative 4:36
11 Answer to Yourself The Soft Pack Alternative 3:20
12 Let's Dance to Joy Division The Wombats Alternative 3:11
13 That's Entertainment The Jam Pop 3:32
14 Age of Consent New Order Pop 5:15
15 Ready to Start Arcade Fire Alternative 4:15
16 We Are the People Empire of the Sun Pop 4:27
17 I Forgot There Was A War On Coltrane Motion Alternative 3:26