Playlist: Color It Purple 2.27.12

ADD A SPLASH, BE REMARKABLE. New artists to Valslist: The Radio Dept., The Constellations. Valslist favorite artists: Paul Simon, Beady Eye, Rubblebucket, Florence + The Machine, Otis Taylor, Homelife, Little Big Town, The Radio Dept., The New Pornographers, Young Galaxy, Lenny Kravitz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Vintage tracks by Eagles and The Rolling Stones. JUST LISTEN.

Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 Outrageous Paul Simon Pop 3:24
2 Wind Up Dream Beady Eye Alternative 3:29
3 Don't Exaggerate Rubblebucket Rock 3:53
4 Strangeness and Charm Florence + The Machine Alternative 5:15
5 Visions (Vintage) Eagles Rock Medium 3:58
6 Three Stripes On a Cadillac Otis Taylor Blues 3:16
7 Along the Verge Homelife Alternative 4:05
8 Fine Line Little Big Town Country 4:01
9 Never Follow Suit The Radio Dept. Pop 4:09
10 Mutiny, I Promise You The New Pornographers Alternative 4:12
11 Peripheral Visionaries Young Galaxy Alternative 3:36
12 She's a Rainbow (Vintage) The Rolling Stones Rock Medium 4:35
13 Black and White America Lenny Kravitz Rock 4:34
14 What I See The Constellations Rock 5:42
15 Soft Shock Yeah Yeah Yeahs Alternative 3:27