Playlist: INdependent 7.4.12

OUR ARTISTS NEED US. This playlist is dedicated to all artists whose music enhance our lives. New artists to Valslist: Whispertown, Ed Sheeran, Chris Cagle, Shel, Shoemaker Brothers, Tim Stop, POP ETC. Valslist fave artists: The Clash, Smashing Pumpkins, Everest, John Mayer, Patti Smith, The Barr Brothers, Civil Twilight, Jack White. Vintage tracks by Paul & Linda McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel. JUST LISTEN.

Track Song Title Artist Name Genre Tempo Length
1 The Magnificent Seven The Clash Rock 5:31
2 One Diamond, One Heart Smashing Pumpkins Alternative 3:49
3 Raking Me Over the Coals Everest Alternative 3:13
4 Open the Other Eye Whispertown Alternative 3:27
5 Too Many People Paul McCartney Pop 4:10
6 The A Team Ed Sheeran Singer/Songwriter 4:18
7 Got My Country On Chris Cagle Country 3:53
8 Queen of California John Mayer Rock 4:09
9 The Battle Of Evermore Shel Rock 5:08
10 I Am a Rock Simon & Garfunkel Singer/Songwriter 2:49
11 Sunshine Song Shoemaker Brothers Alternative 3:22
12 April Fool Patti Smith Rock 3:46
13 Beggar In the Morning The Barr Brothers Rock 5:55
14 Sweet Resistance Civil Twilight Alternative 4:08
15 A Little Bit Better Tim Stop Rock 3:10
16 Hypocritical Kiss Jack White Alternative 2:50
17 Keep It for Your Own POP ETC Alternative 4:13