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Song Title Artist Name Val's Playlist Genre Tempo Length Hear Song
Coming Up Cornershop Parallel Play Pop 1:03 Hear Song
Coming Up (feat. MDMA) Lupe Fiasco WORKOUT :: Get Up & Go Hip Hop/Rap 3:58 Hear Song
Company In My Back Wilco CHILL OUT :: By The Fire Rock 3:43 Hear Song
Compass or Map Robin Thicke Day Off 3:55 Hear Song
Composed MUTEMATH FLURRY 2:54 Hear Song
Concrete Bed Nada Surf VAL'S VAULT 3 Alternative 2:29 Hear Song
Conductor 71 Fujiya & Miyagi DANCE :: Get Your Groove ; WORKOUT :: Enjoy The Ride Alternative 4:09 Hear Song
Congo Bear Mountain Caroline's Lolla Playlist 2013 Dance 3:18 Hear Song
Congratulations Phoenix DANCE :: Go To Town; DANCE :: Strut This Rock 1:12 Hear Song
Connected Stereo MCs Still Superman 5:14 Hear Song
Conquest & Consequense These United States Taste of Lollapalooza 1 Alternative 3:29 Hear Song
Conrad Ben Howard Day Off 6:08 Hear Song
Cool Azul Dave Specter COCKTAIL PARTY :: Nightcap Blues 4:07 Hear Song
Cool Breeze Sting COCKTAIL PARTY :: Hosts With the Most Soundtrack 3:48 Hear Song
Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) Antonio Carlos Jobim ANNIVERSARY :: Like Gold Brazilian 4:15 Hear Song
Cornflake Girl Tori Amos VAL'S VAULT 1 Rock 5:07 Hear Song
Coronado Deerhunter SUPER BOWL :: Let the Rumpus Begin; And Your Agenda Is? Alternative 3:19 Hear Song
Could Be Anything The Eames Era A Bit o' Brit Rock 3:45 Hear Song
Count My Blessings Ray Wylie Hubbard Demon in Paradise Country 4:25 Hear Song
Counterfeit Florida Plates The Mountain Goats A Booming Voice Alternative 2:22 Hear Song
Counting Down Cut Copy #NEW MUSIC FRIDAY 9.22.17 (full playlist on SPOTIFY) 3:50 Hear Song
Counting Stars Simply Three it's SPRING. take a BREAK. 3:54 Hear Song
Country Girl (Shake It for Me) Luke Bryan COUNTRY :: A Potion Country 3:45 Hear Song
Country Must Be Country Wide Brantley Gilbert COUNTRY :: A Potion Country 3:34 Hear Song
County Line SUSTO BEST OF 2016 - Val's Picks 3:21 Hear Song
Crash Great American Canyon Band JUST ANNOUNCED! New date for next summer's WINNETKA MUSIC FEST: FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND June 15-16, 2018. Here's a taste of 2017: 4:00 Hear Song
Crash Great American Canyon Band Still Superman 4:02 Hear Song
Crash Years The New Pornographers Parallel Play Alternative 4:06 Hear Song
Crazy Diana Krall FEMALE ARTISTS :: XY Chromosome Rock 4:30 Hear Song
Crazy In Love Beyonce DANCE :: Just Let Go Pop 3:56 Hear Song
Crazy Women LeAnn Rimes COUNTRY :: A Potion Country 3:25 Hear Song
Crimson Line Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers JUST ANNOUNCED! New date for next summer's WINNETKA MUSIC FEST: FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND June 15-16, 2018. Here's a taste of 2017: 3:16 Hear Song
Crop Comes In Chatham County Line About Face 4:23 Hear Song
Cross Eyed Mary Jethro Tull WORKOUT :: Buff Daddy Rock 4:09 Hear Song
Crown of Thorns Pearl Jam Ladies & Gentlemen, I'd Like to Introduce... Alternative 6:45 Hear Song
Cry (Just a Little) Bingo Players WORKOUT :: Get Up & Go Dance 2:47 Hear Song
Cry 4 Help Har Mar Superstar You. For Better or Worse. Alternative 3:03 Hear Song
Cry Like a Ghost Passion Pit Taste of Lolla '12 (by Peter James) Alternative 4:23 Hear Song
Cry Me a River Joe Cocker Resolution Rock 3:57 Hear Song
Crying TV on the Radio LOLLAPALOOZA :: Taste 4 Alternative 4:10 Hear Song
Crystal Ball Keane VAL'S VAULT 1 Alternative 3:53 Hear Song
Crystal Blue Persuasion Tommy James & The Shondells 60's DUSTIES :: Uncle Phil's Attic Rock 4:02 Hear Song
Crystalfilm Little Dragon OSCARS :: The Story Line Electronic 4:49 Hear Song
Culture of Fear Thievery Corporation SCOUT - dance; Fright Titles ~ Fab Tunes; Put Yourself Out There Electronic 3:12 Hear Song
Cumbia de Donde Calexico Honorably Mentioned 3:09 Hear Song
Currently Keaton Simons SLOW DANCE :: Sway Singer/Songwriter 3:07 Hear Song
Cushioned Caging Palehound MID-WINTER BREAK 3:04 Hear Song
Damn Richard Julian Sound Advice Rock 3:14 Hear Song
Dance For You Dirty Projectors Gotta Get Out ; SCOUT - party Alternative 3:23 Hear Song
Dance With Me Nouvelle Vague DANCE :: Go To Town; COCKTAIL PARTY :: Hosts With the Most; FEMALE ARTISTS :: Girl Stuff Alternative 3:40 Hear Song
Dancing All Alone Orange Is In HARDSHIP :: Listening Will Help Rock 4:02 Hear Song
Dancing Days Led Zeppelin WORKOUT :: Buff Daddy Rock 3:41 Hear Song
Dancing On Our Graves The Cave Singers Day Off 3:24 Hear Song
Dancing On Our Graves The Cave Singers WORKOUT :: Get Up & Go Alternative 3:24 Hear Song
DARE (Radio Edit) Gorillaz SCOUT - dance; WORKOUT :: Get Up & Go Alternative 3:33 Hear Song
Dare You 2 Move (feat. Problem) Destructo Taste of Lolla 2015 4:09 Hear Song
Dark Child Marlon Williams it's SPRING. take a BREAK. 5:23 Hear Song
Dark Days Punch Brothers Music in the House Soundtrack 3:53 Hear Song
Dark Horse (Live) George Harrison Sand Between Your Toes Rock 4:20 Hear Song
Dark Necessities Red Hot Chili Peppers Still Superman 5:02 Hear Song
Dark Star POLIÇA Big Pond Alternative 5:01 Hear Song
Dark Water Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Habit-Forming Alternative 3:08 Hear Song
Darkest Things The Submarines I'm Overcome. Alternative 5:10 Hear Song
Darling Buds of May Brother Sand Between Your Toes Rock 3:17 Hear Song
Day I Die The National #NEW MUSIC FRIDAY 9.22.17 (full playlist on SPOTIFY) 4:31 Hear Song
Day With You Heather Maloney JUST ANNOUNCED! New date for next summer's WINNETKA MUSIC FEST: FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND June 15-16, 2018. Here's a taste of 2017: 3:42 Hear Song
Daylight Coldplay Sound Advice Alternative 5:27 Hear Song
Days of Youth Locksley WORKOUT :: Marathon Man Alternative Fast 3:23 Hear Song
Dead Arms & Dead Legs Eliot Sumner STUDY BREAK 4:44 Hear Song
Dead End Driving Ari Hest I Think I Can Rock Medium 2:53 Hear Song
Dead Pony nico stai DAD :: The List Rock 4:09 Hear Song
Deadbeat Summer Neon Indian Taste of Lolla '12 (by Peter James) Electronic 4:01 Hear Song
Dear God XTC You. For Better or Worse. Rock 3:39 Hear Song
Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.) Monsters of Folk COMFORT ZONE. 5:07 Hear Song
Dear Mr. President (feat. Indigo Girls) P!nk PROTEST MUSIC (Tribute to Pete Seeger) Pop 4:33 Hear Song
Dear Prudence World Party Day Off 3:04 Hear Song
Dear Prudence The Beatles ALL BEATLES 2 Rock 3:55 Hear Song
Dear Prudence Lisa Lauren COCKTAIL PARTY :: Nightcap Jazz 6:20 Hear Song
Decks Dark Radiohead Honorably Mentioned 4:41 Hear Song
Deep Oblivion David Lowery I'm Overcome. Alternative 5:35 Hear Song
Deeper Blue Kohala MARTINI MUSIC :: Listen & Dine World 4:01 Hear Song
Definite Darkness Cymbals Eat Guitars Music in the House Alternative 4:52 Hear Song
Demons Greensky Bluegrass FLURRY 6:44 Hear Song
Demophon The Soundtrack of Our Lives Six Monkeys In Suits Rock 6:04 Hear Song
Denton, TX Damien Jurado Mood Swing Rock 3:03 Hear Song
Depreston Courtney Barnett About Face 4:52 Hear Song
Desert Island Disk Radiohead Still Superman 3:44 Hear Song
Desperation Song Carbon Leaf Surprise Me Again 5:26 Hear Song
Detlef Schrempf Band of Horses To The Coast Alternative 4:28 Hear Song
Detours Sheryl Crow Break It Down Pop 3:28 Hear Song
Devil On Your Back Kasey Chambers The Hype Country 3:22 Hear Song
Devil Pray Madonna Surprise Me Again 4:05 Hear Song
Devil We Know Lily & Madeleine COMFORT ZONE. 3:34 Hear Song
Dfw Citizen Cope A Banker & a Rock Star Rock 2:46 Hear Song
Diamonds Rihanna A Booming Voice Pop 3:45 Hear Song
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) The Delfonics Day Off 3:21 Hear Song
Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) HEALTH DANCE :: Get Your Groove Electronic 4:06 Hear Song
Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) [Bonus Track] HEALTH Taste of Lollapalooza 2 Alternative 4:06 Hear Song
Different When It Comes To You Bruce Cockburn VALENTINE :: Love at First Singer/Songwriter 2:57 Hear Song
Dig Incubus WORKOUT :: Heavyweight Rock 4:17 Hear Song