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blog posted 9.26.16

A Backstage Chat with Louis the Child


We landed the interview at the last minute. I knew it would be big, as these are home-town boys (Chicago), recent grads of New Trier High School, on a trajectory that most in the music industry only dream about.

Theirs is a fairytale story. The kind that musicians secretly believe can happen but know never will. Ironically, it’s the kind of story that should happen in the music business if your music catches the ear of an audience who loves it and rushes to tell their friends… Unfortunately it’s not common because we swim in a veritable tsunami of new music where even the best gets buried. Fact #1: It’s never been easier for artists to get their music out to the world (internet). Fact #2: But because of fact #1 it’s never been more difficult to get your music heard (competition). IF the stars align and your music finds an audience – with a bit of luck and a lot of viral – the story might have a very happy ending. Such is the case with Louis the Child.

Our interview was at 1:15 in the Lolla press tent which is located at the extreme south end of the fest (read: far). When I got the text that we landed an interview “in 15 minutes”, I was a mile north wrapping up an interview with X Ambassador’s keyboardist Casey Harris at their hotel. I packed up and ran in 95 degree heat to that press tent. It’s what you do when artists give you a time slot for a direct chat. It’s bigger than a backstage pass (with other VIP’s hoping to get a glimpse or photo op). Face to face, one on one with the artists is what you hope for. Louis the Child at their hometown fest: you run to that. I met my interview partner Laura Hine (Editor, NS Magazine) in the Lolla press tent, out of breath and sweaty. We got set up and waited.

As a tastemaker and playlist curator, I know the music of Louis the Child and have watched many videos of them on stage. But I’d never seen their live show and it was one of my top picks for Sunday — I wanted to experience their show first-hand. I’ve spent the summer listening to my high school & college interns buzz about their music, and even more about the boys. This was intriguing to me; this duo is more than the silhouetted DJ up on stage behind their equipment. To the fan, these are real guys like them. I looked forward to meeting the boys and asking them some “home town” questions. Everyone would be at their stage the next day; the social scene of the weekend. We waited for a few minutes as their publicist apologized — they’d been granted another last minute interview which was squeezed in before us. They were in high demand to the hungry press. Continue reading …




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