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blog posted 7.24.15

Songs of Summer: TASTE OF LOLLA


I know you have one.

At least one… You know all the lyrics but will not admit you like it. But how can you not like it when just the sound of it launches you back to that carefree time of childhood, teen-hood, co-ed-hood? That song of summer…

School’s out for summer : School’s out forever : School’s been blown to pieces
No more pencils : No more looks : No more teachers’ dirty looks
Well we got no class : And we got no principles : And we got no innocence
We can’t even think of a word that rhymes
Out for summer : Out til’ fall : We might not go back at all
School’s out forever : School’s out for summer : School’s out with fever
School’s out completely
-Alice Cooper

Simple Songs of Summer: In Dr. Scholls and cutoffs, bare feet and bell bottoms, tank tops and hip huggers, we drove seatbelt-less in a Pontiac convertible at an 85 mph speed limit. A triangle bandanna tied our hair back, large hoop earrings from our ears, P.O.W. bracelet, frosty pink lipstick and tanned, no worries of sun on our face, it wasn’t dangerous back then. We sometimes brought liquor in the car to drink on the way to the concert, and upon arrival at the stadium, staked our place on the 50 yard line by laying out our blanket. We layed back, looking at the sky, waiting for the opening band. We hoped our friends would find us, GPS wasn’t invented yet. The scene was… the scene, not a screen. We had no phone in our hand, our eyes looked up and out, not down. We talked to each other, laughed, pointed, flirted. A rock concert in the 70s, how authentic it was.

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FEATURED PLAYLIST: Taste of Lolla 2015

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